I heartily recommend all the folks at Federated Management Group.  As an owner of a rental condo, I have always received rapid response to my requests and queries.  I find that their bookkeeping is well maintained and delivered.  Access to their website is convenient and always informative.
F. Budelman, Property Owner

I have owned properties in the Jacksonville area since 1994; Federated was the first and has been the only property manager I’ve used since then, and their service over the years has been such that I have no reason to consider having anyone else manage my properties.
L. Summerhays, Property Owner

I have been with Federated for over 6 years.  They have been proactive in handling all aspects involved in managing my property and highly responsive to my inquiries.  I have found their staff to be highly capable and professional.
Paul D., Property Owner

I have been working with Federated Management Group for over 10 years and without a doubt, the decision to have this company manage my Florida properties is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  When I began purchasing properties in 1999, I knew nothing about buying or maintaining rental property; I only knew that I wanted to do it.  I went to real estate meetings and learned that Florida was a “hot area” in which to buy.  I spoke to various people at these meetings and it was suggested that I call Federated Management Group.  I got brave one day and made that call.  My life changed forever.  From day one, the professionals at Federated Management Group took away my fear of buying rental property.  They have also been highly instrumental in helping me make the decisions that are responsible for the financial success of my properties today.  These business professionals are always knowledgeable, patient and trustworthy.  I know that they treat my properties as if they were the owner. In my property management adventure, I have experienced both typical and atypical problems associated with owning rental properties.  With EVERY single problem, the team at Federated Management Group was right there, working with me to solve the problem, with their many years of expertise.  Even when I only had one property, the treated me like I had ten!  They are always willing to spend whatever time is needed to talk through all the options with any aspect of your investment.  Once a decision is made, action is immediate.  I always feel so lucky to have “found” Federated Management Group. They know what they are doing, they do it for a fair price and they are always willing to go the extra mile.
G. Cruze, Property Owner