Marketing Your Property

Determine Property Rent Value

Most property owners have an idea of the rental amount they want to charge. However, if you do not know what your property can bring in per month, we can assist you in determining that value with our knowledge of the area.

Prepare Property For Rent

We will do a complete inspection of the unit following each tenancy. We check to see if paint needs to be touched-up, carpets cleaned, general wear and tear and notate any damage that needs attention. Any damage above normal wear and tear would be covered by tenant’s security deposit.


Our aggressive marketing strategy guarantees your property to be presented to the largest possible market in the shortest possible time. Our marketing consists of signs, numerous online ads, open houses, website marketing (your property gets added to our website and list of quality properties) and possible print ads. We are available most hours of the day to handle calls and emails from potential renters.

Tenant Screening

We will fill your vacancy with tenants who are thoroughly screened for credit, employment, housing, and other references. We also personally interview each and every qualified applicant to ensure only the most qualified tenant(s) is chosen. We want good tenants just as much as you do! We pride ourselves in the quality of tenants we are able to attract. Our extensive tenant screening and credit investigations help ensure this. Vacancies are expensive for both of us.

Collection of Move-In Funds / Security Deposits

For additional protection, appropriate security deposits are always collected upon completion of a rental application by a prospective tenant. Amount of deposits are based on the monthly rental rate and the credit worthiness of the tenant. Applicants with pets are required to pay an additional pet deposit if a pet is approved by the owner.

All deposits are maintained in a trust checking account as required by state real estate regulations until they are either refunded to the tenant upon the successful check-out inspection or are forfeited to cover damages caused by lease violations.

All Move-In Paperwork

We undertake a move-in inspection with the new tenant using the property condition report. We find this helps develop a good working relationship with the new tenant and gives us one more opportunity to encourage our tenants to take pride in their home. It also protects the property owner against disputes should any damage occurs to their unit.

Federated Management Group, Inc. complies with all aspects of Fair Housing laws and the Florida Landlord/Tenant Act.